Sidd Ahmed Incorporation, with the motive of recognizing enthusiastic, hardworking, and motivated students, brings an opportunity to add value to your personal and professional lives by becoming part of a project with the vision of empowering young dreamers. 

As the ‘Champions’ of Team Sidd, you will not only get hands-on experience in marketing, representing a brand on your campus, and improving your interpersonal skills, but also get professional exposure to the field of public relations and the world of social media.

The program this year has been designed for the member’s development so that when they complete their training, they would have a skill set that will be beneficial for their future professional prospects. Apart from a wide range of learning opportunities throughout the program, you will also receive cash awards, merchandise, certificates, features, and many more interesting incentives.

Key Highlights

Mentorship Camp- Career Advice

Get a chance to interact directly with Sidd Ahmed, receive his mentorship advice and participate in discussions around career, professional life, and other topics that will benefit you as a student and individual.

Crash Courses with Certificates

Attend an informative crash course free of cost by an established team of marketing professionals from VDart, one of the fastest-growing IT firms in the United States, and receive certificates that will add value to your CV.


  • Engage in healthy and informative discussions with Sidd during live and other sessions held.
  • Learn marketing and other career-oriented essentials through lectures and workshops.
  • Participate in healthy competitions and simulation games through which you’ll learn traits of social media marketing and organizational skills in the entrepreneur world.

Why You Should Join

  • Winning teams from each competition will be rewarded points, which in turn will determine your position as the best Champion.
  • Top performers from each team will be rewarded with cash prices.
  • Opportunity to get featured on our website- ‘Hall of Champions- Team Sidd’.
  • The top performers will get shoutouts on our social handles.
  • Certificates, not only on completion of the program but also from various activities.

We are Looking for Someone Who Is

  • Preferably first or second-year students.
  • Active on social media handles.
  • Is highly active with extra-curricular activities.
  • Skilled in communication and has an interest in engaging in online multimedia and live sessions. 
  • Easily available, self-motivated, has an interest in Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/Entrepreneurship.

Expectations from the Champions

  • Actively participate in all the events that will be held by Team Sidd during the course of the program.
  • Engage wholeheartedly in the competitions and be an asset to the team you are a part of for any competition.
  • Be the chosen representative of the brand Sidd Ahmed on your campus.
  • Fulfill all tasks and responsibilities that will be given by the supervisors in an orderly and timely manner.
  • Use social media as the crucial tool for expanding the reach of Sidd Ahmed Inc.
  • Help in growing the brand and be a valuable member of the Team Sidd family.