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Q: Who is Sidd Ahmed?

Sidd Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of VDart Group, one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. He was raised in Trichy, a small city located in Tamil Nadu, India. He later moved to Bangalore for his further education in computer science engineering. Sidd largely attributes his success to his parents, who, according to him, gave the 'Gift of Education' that has taken him to newer heights. He was the first in his family to have the privilege of studying in an English medium school.


Q: Why did Sidd make this website?

Sidd wants to inspire people around him and change their lives trajectories so that they can have the right opportunities and quality of life they wish for. An interesting fact that roots in Sidd's focus on creating opportunities for people in Trichy are that Sidd's father could not find an opportunity for himself in Trichy and had to relocate to other cities for a job hunt.


With this website and associated social media channels, he aims to empower students and provide motivational and insightful resources to instill hope and vision in them to visualize what and how they want to achieve their goals in life. He also aims to inspire students with his stories and create an impact by transforming their thought process, and ultimately, changing their lives.


Q: What does Sidd like to do in his pastime?

Sidd enjoys listening to podcasts! He loves to derive inspiration from motivational quotes, and you often see him promoting the importance of resources like books and podcasts to derive inspiration and motivation.

Q: How did Sidd discover his true capabilities?


Sidd, in his initial days, worked with a small business in Trichy where he got an opportunity for training. In the process of training, Sidd discovered his inner ability to identify opportunities in people by meeting and connecting with them.


Sidd's journey towards success has a lot to do with the mentors he had. During his engineering days, Sidd recalls meeting an 'informal mentor' who made him realize that he can uniquely articulate things, which makes him perfect for sales. Also, his excellent way of communicating with people paved the way to be an ideal choice for a career in sales.



Q: What is Sidd's take on the importance of mentorship?


Sidd believes mentorship has a crucial role in fueling his journey to success. During his engineering days, Sidd recalls meeting an 'informal mentor' who made him realize that he can uniquely articulate things, which makes him perfect for sales. He credits his mentors for proper guidance and trust that they showed on him that gave him confidence in building a successful career.

Q: How did Sidd move from Trichy to Atlanta?

After completing his engineering, Sidd came back to Trichy. He bagged his first job as Sales Executive, where he worked for three years before moving to the USA. He spent this time recruiting in sales, which led him to the idea of starting VDart in 2007.

He specifically started VDart in Trichy, intending to create job opportunities for the people of Trichy and improve their quality of life. The inspiration for establishing VDart in Trichy came from his struggle where he could not find any job opportunities in his hometown and had to leave the family to earn money. Creating VDart was not easy as it was the time around 'The Great Recession' and the phase of the market crash. However, Sidd always believed in his belief and made VDart touch milestone success. Today VDart has 450+ people in Trichy office alone.

Over the years, VDart has gone through brand evolution. VDart is expanded into VDart, VDart BPM, VDart Digital, Vvalidate, Vouch to create opportunities in areas of Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR, etc.

Q: What according to Sidd, is a success, and how can one gain it?


A "Learning Mindset" has always been Sidd's mantra to success. He always strives to stay positive, even during adversity, which has helped him grow as a professional and a human being. His belief in making the best out of the given situation with a mindset to grow has led to what he is.


Even today, after reaching spectacular milestones in his career, he calls himself a learner, learning something new each day and thriving to be better. He measures his success in terms of the lives he has been able to impact and his actions towards realizing his vision to transform the trajectory of people's lives. He also believes it to be a continuous process. Gratitude, Visualization, and Positivity are some of the life values that are crucial contributors to his success.

Q: What are the beliefs of Sidd Ahmed, and how is he aspiring to maintain them?


Sidd always stresses on the power of stories to inspire people. Coming from an average academic background, he delivers motivational speeches to students around the globe and encourages students to find their passion and assures them success through his narratives. He also uses his social media interactions to mentor students who reach out to him from various walks of life.


Q: What role does 'Trichy' play in the vision of Sidd Ahmed?


Sidd is always filled with gratitude to the soil that empowered him to be what he is today. Creating thousands of jobs globally as well as in his hometown Trichy, his philanthropic motives have not only resulted into an economic boom in the city but also helped people to stay close to their families, ultimately resulting in the upliftment of the town and enhancing the quality of life of people living in Trichy.

Q: What steps does Sidd aim to take to make students business ready?


Having conducted the recruitment processes for tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Sidd realized that the talent pool lacks business skills that recruiters look for and are not well equipped for the corporate environment. A student having enormous potential often fails to utilize the opportunities due to a lack of proper guidance. Sidd's mission is to revamp such students into corporate professionals. He also educates the students with specific tips required in the business world like the top 5 essential skills or top 5 tips for effective communication. His videos, like 'Power of Visualization,' 'Drive to Thrive' proved to be a source of motivation for students.


Q: What does this website have for students and aspiring entrepreneurs?


Through this website, Sidd aims to groom students to be a future business professional by educating them about the prerequisites that are required to step into the corporate world that includes top skills needed for success, the importance of effective communication, tips regarding interviews, LinkedIn recommendations and interpersonal skills through various resources like videos, creative stills, podcasts, and short stories.


Q: I want to learn more about Sidd Ahmed. How can I connect with him?


Sidd is available across all social media platforms. You can always connect with Sidd on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInYoutube.

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